Meggie Folchart


Meggie Folchart


Meggie Folchart, born by Mortimer Folchart and Theresa Folchart, is a booklover which she had inherited from her parents.


Meggie Folchart, born by Mo and Resa, is a booklover, which she had inherited from her parents. She growned up only with her father because her mother was sucked into the book. Meggie is a slim and tall girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes, like her mother. It is unknown if what is her level in the school she's attending.


In the first parts of the Inkheart book, Meggie didn't know yet if what is her father's real talent and what happened really to her mother, until the day she met Capricorn, a character from a book. Meggie had accidentally plucked out a character , too, from the Peter Pan Book. When Capricorn had heard that she is also a Silvertongue, he commanded her to plucked out his friend to kill his prisoners including Resa, good thing, that th writter of the book had made a plan to reverse anything that might happen.


In the second book, Inkspell, Meggie lived with her whole family including her auntie. But then, Farid brought a bad news about Basta to kill her family and Dustfinger. Meggie was so worry of Dustfinger, that had finally gone to home, so she and farid decided to go into the book to warn him, but Meggie couldn't come back home yet because she need to finish things about the Bluejay and her father.


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